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Program Overview

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) / International Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA)

Schulich's two, four-year direct entry honours undergraduate programs offer students a challenging and rewarding full-time course of study. Schulich students develop critical thinking and analytical skills while establishing a solid foundation in business concepts. Admission to the BBA and iBBA programs requires both high academic achievement and demonstrated involvement in co-curricular activities that showcase leadership potential, community mindedness, and/or entrepreneurial spirit. See "Application Information" below for further details on how to apply to either the BBA or iBBA.


The BBA's carefully designed courses provide students with a strong foundation in all aspects of general management, including areas such as accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behaviour and strategic management. Its core curriculum is complemented with specialized elective courses in key areas of business as well as liberal arts courses taken outside of the faculty at York. The program takes an innovative and global approach, emphasizing critical management attributes like communication and interpersonal skills. Students entering Year 3 of the BBA program can choose to specialize in either one or two of 10 areas offered at the Schulich School of Business. Click here to learn more about the BBA degree.

Note: Prospective students applying to the BBA via the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) should use the program code: YBA.


The Schulich iBBA is the first of its kind in Canada, offering an innovative, comprehensive, and hands-on learning experience. Students develop a foundation in management that is both relevant and responsive to shifting marketplace needs, with an emphasis on cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills. iBBA students experience business from multiple perspectives through internationally-focused core courses; regionally-focused electives and language study; and a mandatory exchange term at one of Schulich's 60 leading business school partners around the world. Students entering Year 3 of the iBBA program can choose to specialize in either one or two of 10 areas offered at the Schulich School of Business. Click here to learn more about the iBBA degree.

Note: Prospective students applying to the iBBA via the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) should use the program code: YBI.

Areas of Specialization

Schulich offers 10 different areas of specialization. Students entering year 3 of either the BBA or iBBA program may choose to specialize their studies in up to two areas. Or, they may choose to continue to take a general assortment of business and non-business electives throughout years 3 and 4. The areas of specialization offered at Schulich are:

Certificate Programs

Schulich offers students studying either the BBA or iBBA the opportunity to pursue an additional certificate while completing their degree. A unique advantage for Schulich students, the Certificate in International Management (CIM) is the first certificate to be offered to undergraduate Schulich students. The curriculum provides a deeper understanding of international economics, marketing, and social responsibility, allowing students to examine trade and business in a global context. Students apply for the CIM at the point of graduation from the BBA or iBBA program. Learn more about the CIM here.

Additional Benefits of a Schulich Education

The Learning Environment

Schulich's programs are limited in size so that you will receive the attention necessary to realize your full potential, with the average class size falling between 25 and 55 students. Schulich uses a variety of teaching methods, including case studies, small group discussions, and lectures.

Study Abroad

Internationalize your degree and explore all the world has to offer while gaining credit toward your program of study. Whether you have time for a two week introduction to doing business in a new region or want to spend a semester immersing yourself in a new culture, the Schulich International Relations department has the perfect program for you.

At the undergraduate level, Schulich has 60 partner schools in 30 countries from which students can apply to go on exchange in either their third or fourth year of study. While exchange is a degree requirement for iBBA students, BBA students do not have to go on exchange - though many opt to. Learn more about exchange here and search for #schulichexchange on Instagram to see what current Schulich students are doing while abroad!

Student Life

Students entering the BBA and iBBA programs are exposed to a variety of experiences both inside and outside the classroom to assist with a successful transition to Schulich and York University. The true Schulich student experience is characterized by diversity. As such, Schulich undergrads are encouraged to take risks, get involved in a broad range of extra-curricular activities, attend events, and form lasting relationships with their peers from across the globe. Highlights of the undergraduate student life experience at Schulich can be found here.

Career Development Centre

Your career is top priority at Schulich, from gaining work experience via summer internships throughout your undergraduate degree, to obtaining a full-time role upon graduation. To make career decisions that are right for you, the Schulich Career Development Centre will help you identify strengths, determine career objectives, develop career plans, hone skills for career management and put your professional development plan into action. A full overview of the services offered by Schulich's Career Development Centre is accessible here, and the most recent BBA/iBBA Employment and Salary Report is accessible here.


As Canada's Global Business School, Schulich has one of the strongest internal networks of any business school in the world. Schulich students are encouraged and provided with several resources to connect with alumni. There are over 29,000 Schulich alumni working in 90+ countries worldwide, in virtually every field of business. Learn more about Schulich's alumni network here.

Application Information

Supplementary Application

After applying to either the BBA or iBBA via OUAC, all applicants to the Schulich School of Business must complete a Supplementary Application which is used to assist the admissions team in assessing your potential to benefit from and contribute to Schulich's programs. The Supplementary Application is generally due in February, several weeks after the due date for submitting your Schulich application via OUAC. Applicants should visit the Schulich website at for Supplementary Application requirements and details.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about Schulich's undergraduate programs, please contact Schulich Recruitment and Admissions at 416-736-5081, or visit the website at Tours of the Schulich School of Business can be arranged upon request by contacting the Recruitment and Admissions team directly.

See for detailed information on the BBA program and for detailed information on the iBBA program.